Affaire de corrupption inferco en RDC

Princess Odette Maniema Krempin (born 30.10.1976 in Maniema, Zaire) is an African entrepreneur, philanthropist and honorary consul of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Frankfurt am Main and a member of the Kuba Kingdom. Krempin grew up in the province of Maniema, until her wealthy family moved to Paris when she was eight years old. She became a tailor, studied fashion design in Paris and Marrakech, and opened a boutique in Niger at the age of 20.] Krempin moved to Frankfurt am Main in 2007, and founded the Deutsch-Afrikanisches Jugendwerk, a teaching organization. In September 2011, Krempin was appointed Chairwoman of Somima, a mining company in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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